Poems  From the Picasso Tree

Running Away Crickets Nothing i know u told me not to touch it Admit It! Unbreakable.Unshakeable.Unstoppable



Running Away

Feel the rhythm 
Feel the beat
Feel the earth
Beneath your feet
Run faster
Run smoother
Run right through the door
Hoping to make your problems
No more
No more



They sing to the dark 
and Stars
Same song 
Every Day 
Every Night 
Never boring 
Never old


Not black 
Not white
Not dark
Not light 
Not wet
Not dry
Not low
Not high



i know u told me not to touch it
i know u told me not to touch it
i know that it was dangerous
But in my defence i had my helmet on, so it wasn’t really
and besides, it was annoying
just laying there, no j.o.b.
an accident just waiting to happen so i did you a favour by knocking it to the ground
and yet, i still get in trouble
thats the thx i get, really? and i told emma to get in the treehouse when it fell
i was being responsible
so it couldn’t have turned out
it was fun too. there might have been a wasps nest above the branch,
and maybe i threw the soccer ball a little too high
maybe i didnt swing the bat just right
so i got a few bruises and lots of stings but they didnt hurt
the sense of satisfaction was worth it
when the dead branch hit the ground with a satisfying
so even though you told me not to knock the large dead branch out of the tree
it wasn't really


Admit It!
you know i try to keep it neat.
i really really do.

but those stupid trolls keep messing it up again.
i know what you're thinking,
but they do exist!

admit it!
you have them in your room too

and by comparison my room is ORDERLY compared to emma's room. you can't even see the floor in there you should be picking on her

admit it!
you know you should be

you say i need to get the junk off of my side table
i say that you're jealous that you don't have a candy wrapper collection in your side table

admit it!
we all know that you want one

and the cake from last years party is not trash! it's for my science experiment
yes trying to see how moldy it can get is a worthy experiment

admit it!
it's really cool

the music is not too loud. if you've got a problem you go to the head of the dj department

admit it!
you like the music too

i know i have socks on the floor for a year that stand up by themselves. it is a very impressive feat. and i will say, that my feet don't smell that bad

admit it!
it is impressive

admit it!
you wish your room was as cool as mine.




I’d call you my sunshine
My only sunshine
Because you always brighten up my day
But I can’t
'Cause even the sun hides when the angels
But you are always there
With an umbrella
Even as the hurt rains down from heaven

I’d call you my rock
Shining bright
Like a diamond
Because you are brilliant and unbreakable
But I can’t
'Cause even diamonds yield to time and are worn to nothing
But you always sustain

I’d say you were like my summer
My break from reality
Fun and games
But I can’t
Because there is such a thing as
Summertime sadness
But you, you always remain bright

So I call you my mother
Always there with an umbrella
Even when the sun hides
Forever unbreakable
Untarnished and bright
Always lifting my spirits
Even when the summertime sadness comes to pass

And I know that you’re love for me is
Unshakeable Unbreakable Unstoppable

And no matter how many miles I run
I’m still gonna need you to catch me when I fall
I’m still gonna need that umbrella Mom

And I’m always going to love you back.

Love You!





AKA ... the Picasso Tree


© 2013 Anna Marie Bierley