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Our consulting services focus on making business improvements and raising your ability to generate new ideas, acquire knowledge rapidly, and transfer it efficiently across your workplace.

Making Business Improvements

Kaizen and Working With Others are two methods that have proven track records for developing the kinds of performers who power high performance as well as producing immediate business benefits.

Our Kaizen method builds teams of performers aligned to advancing business success and benefiting all stakeholders. Our method stimulates people's energy by providing them with an opportunity to make a difference while equipping them with the knowledge and skills they need to realize that opportunity. It encourages performers to challenge the usual way of performing work and to devise better methods that enhance the value of work from the perspective of the customer.

Similarly, our Working With Others improvement events excite people frustrated by barriers to involvement and accomplishment. Within the events, we teach Working With Others skills. These skills enable people to align with each other, share information and ideas efficiently, and build cumulatively to better solutions for the problems they choose to solve and the opportunities they seek to realize.

When these methods are pursued in the context of a broad plan to establish high performance across a company, they have strategic, not just tactical, impact.


Some Ways We Can Help Your Business Improve

  • Planning Business Improvement - We work with your leadership to assess the strengths and needs of your company, focus your improvement efforts, and plan the sustained elevation of business results by involving employees and using tools such as Kaizen and Working With Others.
  • Demonstrating Business Improvement - We lead initial events to demonstrate the power of Kaizen or Working With Others methodologies and introduce work teams to each tool's basic concepts and methods.
  • Developing Change Makers - We train and coach your people in improving their own jobs and leading workplace and work process improvement events that generate real and significant business benefits for your company.
  • Leading Events - We lead events that achieve your business's goals. Our resources augment yours to produce results more rapidly.

Let Us Lead A Kaizen Event for You!


We use a standard approach to every assignment that ensures we understand what you are trying to accomplish and can add value to your efforts. It also ensures that you will know precisely the results we will deliver and can hold us accountable for them.

For more information about our business improvement services, contact us. Tell us who you are, how we may contact you, and the problem or opportunity you are addressing. We will respond to you by e-mail or phone, as you prefer.

Knowledge Acquisition and Transfer

Our knowledge acquisition and transfer services enable learning and speed the leveraging of new ideas across a workplace. These services use two simple—yet powerful—training programs: Mining Learning From Performance and Gathering Practical Knowledge. The skills learned in these programs support continuous improvement and the dissemination of new ideas and methods.

Mining Learning From Performance enables people to extract ideas from their last performance of a task and use it to produce a better next effort. Our four-step method Status, Reason, Learning, and Direction (SRLD™) may be applied on an individual or team basis. The learning produced becomes "better practices" that may be shared with others to leverage benefits across a company. SRLD™ provides each learner with an engine to power the continuous improvement of his or her own performance and to generate knowledge that builds a company's intellectual capital.

Gathering Practical Knowledge teaches people to rapidly acquire practical knowledge from another person. Practical knowledge is ideas that guide the performance of some task. The training builds on the participants' knowledge of Working With Others skills. Performers learn what elements of knowledge they need to do a task and how they can use their Working With Others skills to efficiently gather, represent, and verify that knowledge. Gathering Practical Knowledge skills offer a powerful method for accelerating the transfer of learning and expertise throughout a workforce. Its method for representing knowledge also provides a structure for populating best practice databases with contents people can understand and use.

All our services include a planning action that mates our activities to your purposes, a readiness action that prepares people and the setting to receive our services, training and follow-up, and an assessment action that measures the benefits delivered.


Some Applications of Our Knowledge Acquisition and Transfer Services

  • Best Practice Sharing System - Our programs supply the "people" components of a best practice sharing system. This means developing the ability of performers to generate improved practices, represent them to others for use, and rapidly acquire better practices that others develop. The service package includes training in Working With Others, Gathering Practical Knowledge, and SRLD™. We can tailor the instructional content so that it links to the best practice database your company uses.
  • Learner-Driven Development System - Our programs empower your performers to manage their own learning and rapidly increase both the generation and acquisition of new ideas. This intervention helps establish a learning culture, cuts training time and cost by helping people learn more rapidly, and speeds the spread of new ideas. The service package includes training in Working With Others, Gathering Practical Knowledge, and SRLD™. (See SRLD™, A Lean Tool for Learning , for an example.)
  • Standardized Work Systems - This combines our Kaizen work process mapping method with Gathering Practical Knowledge's knowledge document template to generate standardized work systems. This service could be done as a demonstrate, teach, coach, and follow-up consultation or as a service performed directly for a company by our associates. Our method documents your current best practice with input from people doing the job. It documents the work process in an easy to understand format that is also easy to modify. It has a method for collecting suggested improvements (knowledge bulletins) that can be attached to it and bolted to your management of change process. The service package includes training in work process mapping, forms of waste, Working With Others, Gathering Practical Knowledge skills.
  • Periodic Renewal System - This service allows us to equip your leadership teams to systematically extract learning from the results they have produced and determine how best to elevate next year's results. The service package includes training in Working With Others and SRLD™ skills.

For more information about improving your company's ability to build and leverage knowledge capital, contact us. Tell us who you are, how we may contact you, and the problem or opportunity you are addressing. We will respond to you by e-mail or phone, as you prefer.