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Let Us Lead a Kaizen Event at Your Company!

We will demonstrate for you the Kaizen method documented in the Kaizen Desk Reference Standard, educate your team in skills important to finding and eliminating waste, and produce hard savings that will far exceed our cost.

Here's What You Get
  • A copy of the Kaizen Desk Reference Standard for each student - Free
  • A copy of the Kaizen Tool Kit for each student - Free
  • Immediate cost savings and possible revenues enhancements from each event that typically exceed its cost by five times or more
  • People trained to detect waste who now experience directly the power of Kaizen to improve their jobs and workplace and contribute to their business's success.
What Our Service Includes
  • Front-end 2-day setup session where we come on-site, meet you and the proposed team, learn about your business and the work process you seek to improve, and teach the team skills critical to implementing Kaizen.
  • Preparation of a scope document that will spell out precisely what the event will achieve.
  • Preparation of the team for the event.
  • Leading and documenting a 5-day event that will accomplish the business purpose specified in the scope.
  • One-day of follow-up contact to support the team in following through on any action items developed during the event.
This Is a Winner!

A Simple, Fixed Price

We charge a single fixed fee - $8,000 (plus travel and expenses).

An Investment, Not a Cost!

Our events have returned more than 4 times their cost, on average, in hard savings, so having us lead an event is an investment, not a cost!


Contact Us

Send us an e-mail with your inquiry (E-mail Now ). If you e-mail us, be sure to tell us:

1. Who you are,
2. How we may contact you (contact person and telephone),
3. For which work process you are seeking the Kaizen event (if you have made a selection),
4. What you hope it will accomplish.

We will contact you to confirm our understanding of what you seek and explore with you which response makes most sense for you. We will produce, at no cost to you, a proposal for completing the event that will include a schedule. The proposal permits you to review our offering prior to making any final decision.

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