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Vital Enterprises is a privately owned business-consulting and publishing firm founded in McLean, Virginia in 1990. Our company and its network of associates have implemented successfully over 400 business improvement projects. These projects span the fields of strategic planning, work process improvement, human resource development, research and evaluation, knowledge management, and software and expert system engineering. We have also published the Kaizen Desk Reference Standard (Print and Electronic book), the Kaizen Tool Kit (Software), the Working With Others Training Program (Print and Electronic) and its tool kit (Software), and Life Enabling Enterprise: An Alternative Approach to Commerce. All publications are under our imprint: Lowrey Press.


Our Current Focus

Our current focus is on offering books and other knowledge products that help people learn, achieve, and contribute to society. Through these products, we seek to enable people to build their person capital so that they become world-class achievers and contributors to society and our species. We support the use of our products through the Share/Learn area of our web site. There, you can access guidance for improving your success in realizing your personal goals and in producing benefits for others as well as yourself. We also support your efforts through our free Ask an Expert service. This service focuses on answer questions related to the products we offer with the intent of enabling you to extract maximum value from them.