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The following links are organized by topics. Check the links under the topic that interests you. If you wish to suggest a value adding resource to add to this list, please notify us by clicking here.





Business Improvement Resources

Brings you late breaking business, national, and world news from across America and Canada.
  Provides online solution database, engineering books, e-books and more.
  Offers tools, aids, and explanations to guide the use of statistical methods in describing a problem and analyzing its root causes. All resources are free.

  Offers Dataplot, a free, public-domain, multi-platform software system for scientific visualization, statistical analysis, and non-linear modeling.
  Offers tooling components for high-speed machining and Lean Manufacturing.
  Offers education and research to advance the principles of lean thinking in every aspect of business and across a wide range of industries.
  Offers definitions for lean terms.
  Offers custom tool boards and point-of-use tool storage systems.
  Offers access to materials and tools that will help you implement Lean more quickly, effectively, and at a low cost.
  Offers custom software engineering and development for all platforms and purposes.
  Offers outlines of essential skills for success.
  Offers the Kanban Calculator, a software tool that helps you improve performance and reduce cost.
  Offers 'World class' Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), executive coaching, team building and communication skills. Free newsletter and evening taster sessions.
  Offers complex 5-axis machining and sub-assembly... .
  Offers a variety of information and skill guides for production workers who have the desire to learn more about Quality. Includes a teaching component for statistical tools.
  Offers explanation and guidance for establishing the reliability of measurement instruments, designing experiments, and analyzing their results. All resources are free.
  Offers Statistical Quality Control (SQC) and Statistical Process Control (SPC) tools and software for your use. All resources are free.
  Offers a wide-ranging set of educational resources and consulting services in support of achieving Lean Manufacturing excellence.
  Offers best practice resources enabling lean manufacturing excellence.


Glossaries of Lean Terminology


Library and Government Resources


Measurement Guidance

  Briefly explains the types of program performance assessment one can do.
  Provides general guidance for planning and implementing the study of an existing program.
  Provides step-by-step guidance for assessing the likely benefits a proposed program will produce using an analysis of its approach and weighing the results of research on previous implementations of similar programs, while adjusting for future circumstances.
  Provides step-by-step guidance for designing an evaluation that produces information needed to answer specified questions.
  Provides step-by-step guidance for drawing useful learning from case examples.
  Provides step-by-step guidance for identifying key ideas expressed in written material and drawing useful learning from the analysis.
  Provides step-by-step guidance for defining a study sample and using it to estimate population characteristics.
  Provides step-by-step guidance for systematically developing information from interviews that enables the evaluation of a issue.
  Provides step-by-step guidance for developing questionnaires that produce reliable and valid information.
  Provides step-by-step guidance for answering questions by gathering and integrating the findings of existing studies.
  Provides step-by-step guidance for exploring, analyzing, and modeling measurements and improving the processes that generated them. Developed and offered as the NIST/SEMATECH e-Handbook of Statistical Methods.



Research - Business and Labor


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