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Our company and its network of associates have implemented successfully over 350 consulting projects. These projects, each tailored to the specific needs of our clients, were accomplished in the U.S., Canada, U.K., and Europe. We have worked with Fortune 500 companies like Air Products and Chemicals, Inc., IBM, and Pfizer as well as smaller sized businesses, federal and local government agencies, and community service organizations. Our work has included multiple assignments in each of the following areas.

Organizational Change Work Process Improvement Human Resource Development Publications
Software Engineering Research and Assessment Knowledge Engineering/ Expert Systems    

Organizational Change

  • Assessed and developed competitive strategy
  • Built, tested, and applied models of the high-performing organization
  • Designed and implemented employee involvement change initiatives
  • Designed and implemented self-managing team approaches
  • Configured value chain sourcing for an engineering function operating worldwide
  • Designed a technical risk management system, applied worldwide for engineering projects
  • Designed the roll-out of various organizational change initiatives including large scale automation of work processes, customer focus, employee involvement, lean manufacturing
  • Aligned leadership teams at multiple organizational levels with major organizational culture changes
  • Evaluated the effectiveness of a multi-billion dollar business alliance between two global companies
  • Profiled the human capital requirements for a customer- focused, team-oriented, flat-structured, high-involvement, high-quality workplace
  • Designed and installed 360o evaluation systems

Work Process Improvement

  • Conducted over 100 Kaizen events in the U.S., Canada, U.K., and Europe to improve a broad range of shop and office work processes
  • Trained over 45 people to lead Kaizen events in the U.S., Canada, U.K., and Europe
  • Conducted over 200 Working With Others problem solving and workplace improvement events
  • Trained a network of more than 125 performers to lead Working With Others problem solving and workplace improvement events in their workplaces
  • Analyzed, documented, and streamlined work processes in manufacturing and administrative functions using various technologies including work flow analysis, data flow analysis, systems analysis, systems reengineering, process mapping, and time and motion measurement

Human Resource Development

  • Designed, evaluated, and provided materials and tools to support selection, training, promotion, and career development systems
  • Designed and implemented job analyses—both individual and multipurpose—for executive, managerial, and technical positions
  • Implemented a system that integrated performance appraisal results in promotion decisions
  • Developed rating and ranking factors for selecting applicants for professional and nonprofessional occupations for several government agencies
  • Designed, developed, and evaluated instruction at the curriculum, course, and instructional product levels

Software Engineering

  • Analyzed requirements and designed solutions for project management; invoice-logging; billing; leadership assessment; 360o degree assessment; training management and authorization; selection, appraisal, promotion, and job evaluation functions; and executive decision making
  • Designed and developed a multi-tiered, distributed, client server information system for training authorization
  • Designed and implemented a stand-alone training analysis and reporting system
  • Designed and prototyped an automated information processing system for policy decision-making

Research and Assessment

  • Benchmarked innovative career development programs, training information systems, high performing businesses, fourth-generation language systems, among other functions, programs, and tools
  • Surveyed policies and practices for management self-assessment instruments
  • Assessed training needs for executive, managerial, and technical positions
  • Profiled the duties and requirements of executive, managerial, and technical positions and the transitions between each level
  • Completed organizational effectiveness audits
  • Completed over 24 corporate and department level assessments of culture, climate, employee involvement, and morale in business and industry.
  • Designed and conducted return on investment and utility analysis evaluations of performance improvement initiatives
  • Conducted formative and summative evaluations of computer-based instructional programs
  • Evaluated the human resource planning impact of outsourcing software development roles for a federal government department
  • Completed numerous quantitative and qualitative analyses survey results for public and private organizations

Knowledge Engineering and Expert Systems

  • Acquired knowledge for and designed and managed the implementation of a 7000 rule expert systems for advising cartographers in compiling nautical charts for the National Ocean Service
  • Acquired knowledge and designed, represented, and implemented an individual development planning expert system
  • Defined best practice models for new drug development for a global pharmaceutical company
  • Acquired, represented, and elevated the knowledge guiding performance in managerial, supervisory, and technical roles
  • Acquired, represented, and elevated the knowledge guiding leadership decision-making with respect to competitive strategy and organizational planning