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Our purpose is to help people learn, achieve, and contribute and to sustain these activities on their own. Such people become powerful performers both individually and in teams. They produce desired results with minimal “givens” and empower others with their knowledge, skills, and character so that they can do likewise. They generate measurable outcomes that benefit others as well as themselves. Together, they build communities and organizations that are life enabling and sustainable. These environments support personal emergence, societal well-being, and the health of the ecosystem that supports all life. They use learning to power their achievement and continuously elevate their own capabilities and those of others. Through learning, they expand the opportunities for commerce between and among all in ways that sustain the health of our life-sustaining environment. The power of human learning guided by their commitment to achievement and contribution is the engine of their individual and collaborative success and the factor that sustains human commerce across time.


  1. Focus on people seeking to produce results that benefit others as well as themselves.
  2. Equip them with the capabilities needed to continuously learn, achieve, and benefit themselves and others and sustain these activities on their own.
  3. Support them in building life-enabling environments within their families, communities, and society as a whole.
  4. Require that every person benefited, in turn, benefits another.
  5. Ensure that the assistance provided generates greater benefits than the resources it requires.


Individual Conduct Social Conduct
Be accountable   Respect others
Be faithful to our purpose   Understand the perspectives of others
Strive for perfection in all we do   Be inclusive in your thinking, deciding, and doing
Be pioneering   Support the learning of others and their striving to reach the fullness of their capabilities
Use only fact-based decision-making and problem-solving approaches   Promote, facilitate, and ensure a teamed approach to working with others
Uphold a purpose greater than oneself   Promote, facilitate, and ensure integrative solutions to problems that maximally advance the common good


We aim to create a world populated by:

  • Markets that eliminate the need for their existence and, in the process, create new opportunities for commerce
  • Producers who compete through excellence, generate benefits for all stakeholders inclusively, seek and support truly open markets, and strive for perfection continuously
  • Customers who challenge their suppliers to be responsible, effective, and faithful to their service commitments and challenge themselves to eliminate their own resource needs
  • Communities that enable each member to grow and prosper, emerge as an individual, and contribute to others
  • Families that nurture, protect, rear, teach, support, and guide the emergence of healthy individuals who can conceive, decide, and act to realize their personal goals and, in the process, enable the hopes and success of others
  • Individuals committed to growth, their own and others, and rooted in the understanding that growth is determined by one’s personal choices and the actions one takes or fails to take